God stays silent as requests for evidence pour in

There is no need to invoke God to explain the things we see in the natural world. There are perfectly natural explanations. The faithful argue that God is at least necessary to explain the mysterious unknown, but appeals to the supernatural are unnecessary even then. A mystery is a discovery waiting on evidence. A lack of evidence means we need more information rather than more faith. Silent deities and the holy books of man-made religions explain nothing. Christians hail Paul of Tarsus, a man who claimed, with no evidence outside of his change of heart, that God appeared to him and transported him to the third heaven, as a purveyor of truth. Yet they summarily dismiss scientific theories that enjoy an overabundance of evidence.

American evangelicals reject the Big Bang in favor of the bible’s creation account—with the naked couple, a talking snake, and forbidden fruit. Some say God caused the Big Bang. (If he did, then he wiped his prints.) The bible’s story of beginnings is concerned with human not cosmic origins. Its narrative is geocentric, and the writer obviously knows nothing of the worlds beyond our own. The fact that we exist does not necessitate that a thinking being brought us into existence.

To think that an intellectually superior being would provide this silly story instead of sufficient evidence for his existence, and that he would punish other thinking beings for being skeptical, is asinine.

The religious among us believe humans won’t play nice if there is no higher power. In spite of this, the Bible Belt in the United States is not morally superior to the rest of the nation and secular societies do not have higher crime rates. The end of religion in America would not spell the end of civilization. Rather it could mark the beginning of it.


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