The Hubble: God’s Missed Opportunity

C. S. Lewis tapped into my imagination like no one else could. He gave me a magical portal through which I could escape from my own troubles and enter into a fantastic new world. It was a mere wardrobe. Yet this closet was an armoire without boundaries or limits. It was a gateway. The wardrobe made a believer out of me. I’ve since outgrown my childhood fantasies. The Hubble is my new wardrobe. It has taken me beyond any place Lewis ever could. I have visited the Orion Nebula and its nursery of stars. I have flown beyond our solar system, through the Milky Way, past the Andromeda Galaxy, and into the Virgo constellation with its more than 1,000 galaxies. I have been where the Bible’s third heaven is supposed to be and beyond.

The Hubble deep space telescope finished off what remained of my anthropocentric mindset. Humans tend to see themselves as more significant than non-human animals. The Christians among us believe that God made us in his image. We are the pinnacle of all sentient life. Thus our planet is at the center of God’s intelligent design for the universe. Curiously, however, for something supposedly central to God’s plan, it barely made onto the edge of the cosmological blueprint. Science has disproven geocentricism, but it has yet to dislodge our geocentric attitudes. We still act as if the universe revolves around us. The Hubble reveals that deep space ignores our bluster.

If God does exist, then the Hubble is one of his biggest blunders. First, heaven’s marketing department missed a huge opportunity to provide indisputable proof that God and his celestial city are real. Also, NASA makes the tower of Babel look like a kindergarten block party. If such a small threat provoked God to angrily descend to the earth, then why no action over what amounts to drilling a peephole into the wall of his heavenly house?


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