Pas Les Misérables

There was a time when God was kind When his voice was soft And his words inviting There was a time my love was blind And the church was a song And the song was exciting There was a time Then the light came on   I woke from a dream and said goodbye Then […]

No Adam and Eve means Paul was wrong

Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian in New York, and author of Reason for God, believes Christianity rises or falls on the historicity of Adam and Eve: [Paul] most definitely wanted to teach us that Adam and Eve were real historical figures. When you refuse to take a biblical author literally when he clearly wants […]


Naturalism comes in many varieties, but the entry-level union card—the famous empiricist David Hume is our hero—expresses solidarity with this motto: “Just say no to the supernatural.” Rebirths, heavens, hells, creator gods, teams of gods, village demons, miracles, and divine retribution in the form of plagues, earthquakes, and tsunamis are things naturalists don’t believe in. […]